How Successful People Make the Most of Their Business English Writing

If you can’t express yourself well in writing, it not only reduces your chances of getting that dream job but also may hinder your ability to climb up the corporate ladder if you are currently working in a company.

In fact, the way you present your ideas and arguments in an essay or email will directly affect how successful you are at work.

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing with you several useful tips that can help improve your Business English writing skills.

After all, it is one of the most essential skills for any professional working in a company or organization.

Even if English is your first language, unless you’ve gained proficiency in business communication, you will find it challenging to write effectively.

Be well-informed before writing

As is the case with any essay or article, before you even think of putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, you should make sure that you are well-informed about your topic.

If there are any statistics or figures that you need to use, make sure to get them right. Not doing so could not only spoil your whole essay but also bring your credibility into question.

However, the same rule applies when writing emails that require a more informal tone. If you are writing to your colleagues or to clients, for example, you don’t want to use the same language that you would use in an academic essay.

Practice, practice, and practice again

If you really want to improve your Business English writing skills, there are no shortcuts. You must put in the time and effort to become a better writer.

As with any other skill, you must keep on practicing and reviewing your old pieces to see where you’re going wrong.

Once you’ve identified the areas that require improvement, you can start working on them. As you gain more experience, you’ll gradually find that your writing becomes more effective.

If you have a supervisor or mentor at work, you can also show them your work to get a more objective opinion on how you can improve.

Start with a brainstorming session

When you’ve been given an assignment or you have to draft an email to a colleague, the first thing you should do is conduct a brainstorming session. This means writing down everything that comes to mind about your topic.

Don’t try to edit or judge your thoughts – just write them all down.

As you do this, you may find that certain thoughts contradict each other and others are irrelevant. That’s perfectly normal.

What you are doing is sifting through all these thoughts and ideas, so that in the end, you have a few ideas that are strong and concrete enough to base your essay/email on.

This will also give you an idea of the amount of research you need to do, which is essential when writing anything related to your profession.

Learn to use the vocabulary you’re unfamiliar with

If there are certain words and phrases that you keep on using incorrectly, you’ll definitely be noticed. This could lead your readers to assume that you are unprofessional, or worse, incompetent.

That’s why you need to identify the words that you are using incorrectly and work on improving your use of them.

For example, if you keep using the word “utilize” when you should be using “use”, your readers will definitely notice.

Unfortunately, you can’t just look up the correct words and phrases in the dictionary and be done with it. You must understand how and when to use these words.

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Write short paragraphs for clarity

Most people write their essays and emails as if they were short stories. They often include too many ideas that are loosely connected to each other. This makes it difficult for the reader to understand what you’re trying to say.

One way to solve this problem is to write your paragraphs concisely. You should limit each paragraph to one idea or thought.

If you notice that a paragraph is exploring a single idea or concept but taking up too much space, you can break it down into several smaller paragraphs.

You should also make sure to use your paragraph breaks effectively. Readers often skim through long paragraphs, picking up only certain words or phrases that stand out.

Don’t be afraid of using synonyms

When you’re trying to choose the best words to express your ideas, you may be tempted to pick words that are similar in meaning and pronunciation to the ones you originally wanted to use.

However, these are not synonyms. They are simply words with a similar meaning. This is a common mistake that many people make and is usually the result of not paying attention to their reading and writing.

While there may be other words that express your ideas just as well or better, you should remember that you are not trying to impress your readers with your vocabulary. You are trying to convey your ideas to them.

Make sure your sentences are free of grammatical errors

If you have a good vocabulary and you’ve written your paragraphs concisely, you’ll be halfway there. However, this isn’t enough.

You also need to make sure that your sentences are free of grammatical errors. To do this, you need to read what you’ve written out loud.

When you do this, you’ll notice several mistakes that you would have missed if you’d just been reading it in your head.

Moreover, you can ask a friend or colleague to read your essay or email before you submit it. They will likely be able to point out any mistakes you’ve made.

Finally, make sure you proofread your essay or email at least once before you submit it. You’ll catch many more mistakes this way than if you proofread it just once.


As you can see, there are several ways through which you can improve your Business English writing skills.

All you must do is put in the time and effort and you will be able to write like a pro in no time.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will soon find that you are able to express yourself more effectively in your written communications. And, as a result, you will be able to impress the people around you.

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