What is Business English?

In simple terms, business English is the type of English that is used to do business.

It is the language used in the business context for professional communication.

It is the skill needed to effectively communicate in the global business environment.

The language needed to do your job well is what is termed as business English.

If you are a non-native speaker of the English language, you may find it difficult to use business English that is fit for professional communication.

Therefore, there is a need to become fluent in business English if you aim to excel in international business.

Why business English is important?

Business English is the language of the internet.

You can communicate with people in most parts of the word for your professional needs if you know business English.

If you are a business in India, or a freelancer in India, you can get business from around the world, if you can manage business English well.

Being a professional in a business organization, you will have to deal with colleagues, managers, and customers.

If you are good at using business English, you will stand to gain more at your organization due to your language skills.

What skills are involved in business English?

In learning business English, you learn skills that help you in doing your job well.

You learn how to write emails and reports, how to make a presentation, and how to speak in a meeting or business event.

You will also learn how to answer a telephone call, how to receive a guest, and how to negotiate.

Difference between regular English and business English

Though both regular English and business English use the same vocabulary of the language, there are some differences in their usage.

You need to be more careful while using business English.

While using regular English you may come across many colloquial usages, slang words and expletives.

Business English is more refined, suave, and official.

You need to be more polite in your choice of words when you use business English.

Words used in business English are professional and diplomatic in their nature.

In short, in business English, it’s the choice of words that matter.

Even in verbal communication, the use of business English is about choice of words that you use while you speak.

Can we learn business English?

Yes, we can learn business English.

One needs to consistently try to learn and improve business English.

In our post How to learn Business English, we have explained what can be done to learn business English.

Moreover, there are many courses available in India that help you to learn business English.

You can find many such online courses in Coursera including business English for non-native speakers of English.

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