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What to do if I don’t get the correct word when I write English?

While you are writing a mail, an article or a report, there could be occasions when you don’t get the correct word to express your idea.

It happens to everyone, even to native speakers of English.

Haven’t you faced such an issue even when you were writing in your mother tongue?

What can you do when faced with such a situation?

Don’t panic

First thing to remember is not to panic. Remember that it happens even to the best in the business.

Take some time off

Take some time off and come back to your writing and you might get the right word to use then.

Ask for help

Speak to your colleague, or friend or an acquaintance about your idea and ask them to suggest a word.

Use a Thesaurus

Use the idea in your mind and check for synonyms in Thesaurus. You will come across many similar words and can choose one that best explains your idea.

Write it down and polish later

The best way to solve the issue is write it down in whatever way it comes in your minds, then edit and polish it later with a better word.

Read something else for some time

For a short period of time, read something else and you will find that you’ve suddenly got the right word to use for your writing.

Always remember that mostly it is about what you write than how you write.

Therefore, not getting the right words to express your ideas is not as bad as not able to write and communicate at all.

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