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Which one is correct – “a useful feature” or “an useful feature”?

“A useful feature” or “an useful feature,” which one must I use?

While writing about product description you may come across an occasion to choose either of the one.

The correct answer is “a useful feature.”

Whether to use ‘a’ or ‘an’ is decided by the sound that is used to pronounce the succeeding word.

If it is a vowel sound, then use ‘an,’ and if it is a consonant sound then use ‘a.’

When you say ‘useful,’ it is pronounced as ‘yoosful,’ isn’t it?

So that is a consonant sound; therefore, you use “a useful feature.”

It is similar for other words that use consonant sounds. “A unique ability,” “a university degree,” “a union of workers.”

It is the same rule for abbreviations as well.

It is not “I am a MBA student,” but “I am an MBA student”, because the letter ‘M’ is pronounced as ‘em’ in MBA.

Similarly, it is “an NGO organization” and not “a NGO organization.”

Hope the explanation helps you in your business English writing.

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